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2000 (19556 bytes) In 2000, SBCR staff members, Yul and Gwen Taylor and others walk and pray over the donated land where two Friendship Houses will be situated.  The tops of downtown buildings can be seen in the background.


In 2001, Jewel Mariner and Norman Brown are hired as the Community Coordinators for Allendale.  They begin the SBCR “Renewal Plan” to rebuild the caring infrastructure of caring relationships necessary for wholeness to be nurtured.  Jewel and Norm build friendships with the neighborhood children, youth and adults by visiting door-to-door, meeting with neighborhood leaders, visiting local churches and helping with clean-ups.. 

In January 2001, SBCR staff, Haven House Leaders, youth from Cedar Grove, Centenary College Kappa Sigma Fraternity members, and neighborhood residents join in a clean up of the future site of the Friendship Houses.  More than 50 bags of garbage and downed tree limbs are removed.  Mt. Canaan Mission Baptist Church hosts the group for lunch. (19993 bytes)

A groundbreaking ceremony on May 19, 2001 is well attended by interested neighbors, city officials, faith leaders, funding groups such as CHRISTUS Schumpert, SBCR staff and supporters. 

 Norman Brown tells a story of a young girl in the community who upon learning of his family’s upcoming move to the neighborhood told him, “Don’t move here, they shoot people” which reinforced our resolve to work with community members and change this reality.

 In July 2001 Jewel and Norm begin Kids Club and Youth Club at a nearby church, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.   The Clubs continue to meet there until the Friendship Houses are complete. (21534 bytes)

A group of Allendale residents meet November 14, 2001 for a focus group facilitated by Louisiana

The children of Allendale are featured on the front cover of the Fall 2001 issue of “The TCU Magazine”.  The article, entitled, “Community Spirit” speaks about the work of TCU graduate Mack McCarter in founding Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal. (9970 bytes)

 State University of Shreveport professor, Dr. Helen Powell.  They decide they need to keep meeting and in 2002 became A.C.T. (the Allendale Care Team) a group of dedicated citizens, led by Miss Rosie Chaffold, who desire positive change in their neighborhood and ask only that we walk with them, not do for them, as they take charge.  

Fifteen children and youth participate in the Allendale Bells Choir at the Highland Center for the SBCR Christmas program.   They are also invited to perform at a neighborhood church, Mt. Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in their Children’s Program on December 23rd.


Sherry Brown replaces her husband Norman in the Community Coordinator role in 2002.  She has always had a desire for missions and continues the work seamlessly.  Norman continues to support the work as a volunteer. (14487 bytes)
A Dedication Ceremony and Open House is held March 2, 2002

 Construction is completed in April 2002.   The Browns and Mariners move in and Kids Club and Youth Club relocates from Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament to the Friendship Houses (18261 bytes) (16388 bytes) (10974 bytes)

Pam Morgan, a charter member of the SBCR Adult Renewal Academy is one of the first young women in the neighborhood to make significant changes in her life as a result of discipleship by Jewel Mariner and Sherry Brown.  Pam is now one of two Neighborhood Ambassadors for SBCR and is actively recruiting her neighbors to take positive action for their health, their education, and their spiritual well being.

August 6, 2002 was “National Night Out” not only across the nation but also in Allendale.  Organized by the Allendale Care Team and supported by residents, the Shreveport Police Department it was a tremendous success .  The Kids Club Praise Dancers supplied entertainment and a Haven House Leader, Rudolph Glass, provided the barbeque. (12307 bytes) (8486 bytes)

Other 2002 highlights:


Celebration of the 1st Anniversary of the Friendship Houses is held in April with support from Hosanna Family Worship Center,  Summer  Grove Baptist Church, LifeWay Fellowship, Lane Chapel CME, and Mt. Canaan Missionary Baptist Church. (18922 bytes)

 Highlights of 2003


The Care Caddy is a joint project of the Hal Sutton Foundation, the LSU Health Science Center, CHRISTUS Schumpert, Office of Public Health and Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal. The official kick-off occurred February 24, 2004 and is continuing throughout the SBCR neighborhoods of Cedar Grove, Highland, and Barksdale Annex (14073 bytes)
Allendale is the first stop for the Care Caddy

AEP-SWEPCO grant for tutoring 2004-ongoing

Ongoing Projects

Rotary Park built by the Downtown Rotary of Shreveport:  2002-present

The playground equipment is much beloved by the neighborhood children.  In the summer when it is light late into the evening, the Community Coordinator, whose bedroom in adjacent to the park, has remarked that she will often have to gently remind the children to head for home!

The Allendale Care Team's Hope Garden

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