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Burnadine Anderson 
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Caddo Parish Schools

Harry Blake
Mt. Canaan Baptist Church

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William B. Friend
Diocese of Shreveport

Roy Griggs
Griggs Enterprises

Milton Hamel

Murphy L. Hunt  
Morning Star Baptist Church

Don E. Jones
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Dr. Michael B. Leonard

Angenetta Long-Lott
Community Leader

Mack McCarter
Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal

Virginia Shehee
Kilpatrick Life Insurance, Co.

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Blocker Thornton
Investment Broker
Morgan Keegan & Company  Inc.

Michael Walker
Caddo parish district court

Don Weir, Jr.
McMichael, Medlin, & Weir

      Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal is striving to restore the foundation of safe and caring communities by rebuilding the neighborhood system of caring relationships.

     Our cities are plagued with what seem to be overwhelming problems that destroy human relationships:  crime, violence, joblessness, welfare dependency, gangs, homelessness, and substandard housing.  Even residents of "stable" neighborhoods suffer, living in fear, lacking the sense of security that we all desire.

     Our system of interpersonal relationships is failing, and a cure will come about only with the systematic restoration of healthy human relationships.

     Community leaders from a variety of disciplines including health, education, environment, public safety, economic development, and housing developed a comprehensive strategic plan for SBCR.

     Together with neighborhood residents we will be able to bring about new standards of expectations for life in our community. 

Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal has a practical plan to stop the collapse of interpersonal relationships and to develop a working model for transforming neighborhoods into communities capable of producing caring, other-centered people by:

  • Establishing an inner and inter-family support network that promotes caring and accountable relationships within the neighborhood

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These integrated initiatives can effect a transformation of our community:

  1. The Renewal Team is composed of a wide variety of people from all walks of life.  These people have joined together in a conscious commitment to help rebuild our community into a more loving, nurturing, and caring place to live and work.  Joining the Renewal Team can consist of simply signing up to receive the Renewal News, taking a tour of our SBCR facilities, or giving a donation to help support the mission.  The We Care initiative is a Renewal Team strategy to raise the visibility of caring in our community.  By signing a card announcing one caring act performed, a person is given a lapel pen and car decal so people can begin to recognize that our community is already filled with caring people.  Renewal Team members can also volunteer their time and talents through the Women of SBCR, Men of SBCR, or a host of other fulfilling opportunities.   
  2. The Haven House plan is a strategy to recruit, equip, and launch a dedicated group of people who are committed to the process of remaking "community" in our cities by simply making friends with the people who live on their block.
  3. The Internal Care Unit Plan (ICU) an intensive effort to rebuild the infrastructure of community in high-crime, low-income neighborhoods.  We initiate this process by moving two families (our staff members from these families are called Community Coordinators) into Friendship Houses owned by SBCR.   These families live and work in the neighborhood.  They are very similar to missionaries but they are sent to distressed neighborhoods in their own land and follow a neighborhood renewal plan to reduce social isolation and increase the capacity of their community to be healthy.

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