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The We Care Team
    Thousands of caring people just like you have joined the We Care Team and are helping to change our community from an ordinary community to "an extraordinary community."  You too can be part of this exciting transformation by joining the We Care Team.  Here is all you have to do.  Just fill out the "I Care" form telling us on thing you're doing to care for another person.  We will wend you a We Care lapel pin to wear and a We Care decal for the back window of your vehicle.  You can also join at any of the many participating locations.  You'll be a part of the biggest gang in town, and you'll be invited to share with us in many exciting events throughout the year.  If you would like, we'll send you the Renewal Team newsletter with updates on the many exciting things happening in our community as we come together in caring.

Haven House
A strategy to recruit, equip, and launch a dedicated group of people who are committed to the process of remaking community in our city by simply making friends with the people who live on their block.

Friends Helping Friends
A group of people who are willing to donate an item or a service to an individual who needs the corresponding item or service.

Men of SBCR
The mission is to build and mobilize an army of caring men in Shreveport and Bossier through friendship, discipleship, and community.  A primary goal is to help connect, equip , and strengthen men to become effective servants and disciples in their homes, churches, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

Women of SBCR
The Women of SBCR have created a special branch of SBCR dedicated to spread the knowledge of what SBCR does and how we do it.  They do this by sponsoring special events and programs.  They also help in the ICU Friendship houses volunteering their time and expertise to the children and youth in the program. (3275 bytes) Shreveport Renewal Corps
The SRC consists of former Shreveport resident who wish to contribute to the restoration of their home town

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