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          Volunteers, both individuals and groups, are welcome and needed!  At Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal volunteers can serve in a variety of ways.  Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome; the only requirement to be a volunteer is to have a caring heart.  Hours available for volunteer work are flexible and dependant upon the service. 
          We value our volunteers and welcome individuals to contribute in areas that are within the training, talents and gifts they hold.  Volunteers serve in every program operated by Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal.  We also have volunteers that perform minor home repair projects, make skirts for a dance team, assist with newsletter mail-outs, conduct presentations on specific topics and teach classes/seminars.  The only requirement to volunteer is to have a caring heart. 

To volunteer please fill out the volunteer form and you will be contacted (8946 bytes)

ICU Friendship House-After School Program 

          Located in five neighborhoods each Friendship House facilitates: character building lessons/Bible study, homework, tutoring in reading and math, recreation and mentoring.  Children meet Monday-Thursday following school (3:30-5:30) and some Saturday mornings and Friday evenings.   The summer program meets from 1:30 to 4:30.  
          Volunteers can assist the Community Coordinator with preparation for the club (room set up, snack, supplies), tutoring during homework time, record keeping, newsletter development, supervision of recreational activities, providing encouragement, motivation, role modeling for behavior, instruction for arts, crafts and/or music lessons.

Haven House

          Located throughout Shreveport-Bossier and extended areas the Haven House Plan consist of dedicated volunteers committed to the process of remaking our communities by building friendships on their blocks.  The volunteer Haven House Leader learns how to restore caring relationships among neighbors through simple yet, systematically approaches. 
          Haven House Leaders can also support the Haven House program providing services in the office Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 developing and compiling training material, promoting meetings and events, updating data bases and conducting phone and on-site interviews. 

The We Care Team

          The ‘We Care” team’s purpose is to unite people across all of society’s boundaries into a cause of common commitment - helping each other.  Volunteers can assist by participating in event planning, preparing mail outs, restocking cards in local businesses, setting up speaking engagements and preparing “We Care” material for distribution. (10197 bytes) Adult Renewal Academy

          The Adult Renewal Program has two facets.  The Renewal Academy provides opportunities for adults in the neighborhoods served by Friendship Houses to obtain full lives through a series of classes including GED training, parenting skills, job readiness, health care, money management and Biblical values. 
          The second facet of the Adult Renewal Program is the Friendship Covenant Academy, which provides support to students enrolled in classes.  Volunteers attend the Friendship Covenant Academy to learn how best to provide support to Renewal Academy students.  Volunteers act as friends, advisors, tutors or child care providers for students and their families.  Volunteers can teach Biblical values, parenting skills, job readiness, study skills, health care and money management.  Volunteers can also provide refreshments and assist with room set-up and preparation. 

Operation: Hope (Helping Our Pupils Excel)

          Operation H.O.P.E. prepares students for a college education.  Enrollment is currently limited to students who live in the neighborhoods served by the Friendship Homes and are enrolled in the SBCR after school program.   These students are provided with a team of friends committed to helping children succeed in life. 
          Volunteers assist parents by becoming a part of the team serving as advisors, tutors, teachers and special resources for each student. 

Special Events

          Volunteers are always needed to assist with special events such as the: Croquet Classic, Women of SBCR Tea, Valentine Day’s Luncheon, Celebration of Caring, Cornerstone Luncheon, Red River Revel booth, Haven House Leaders Rally, We Care Week and a variety of other activities.  Volunteers can contribute in a variety of areas. (2437 bytes)  Copy of (2737 bytes) (2281 bytes) (2813 bytes)

Student Interns

          At Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal we are committed to provide opportunities for students to gain practical experience serving in the community.  We provide a supervised environment for student’s pursuing an education in community related fields.  Students considering professions in Human Services, Church Careers, Sociology, Community Renewal, Leadership and other related careers can complete a supervised internship and gain valuable experience. 
          Internships can be tailored to meet program requirements and student needs when possible.  For more information please contact: Lynn Bryan at 425-3222 or via email at (22786 bytes) (12912 bytes) (12541 bytes)

Community Service Work for
Clubs, Organizations and Youth Groups

 As we work together in our communities we build relationships, as we build relationships, we build community.

          Your organization is welcome to join Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal for service work in our community.  Groups can work side by side with individuals from another community and culture.  Students desiring service work for school or club credit are welcome.  Groups may assist in:

·        Neighborhood clean-up projects
·        Recycling projects
·        Painting homes
·        Working in Kids Club
·        Visiting teachers at local schools
·        Walking the streets, meeting and visiting neighborhood residents
·        Special events

Clubs, Organizations and Youth groups should be self-sufficient, able to provide transportation and meals, but above all come with a servant’s attitude.  For more information please contact: Lynn Bryan at 425-3222 or via email at 


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